Why I Visit The Beach In Winter - And You Should Too!

Call me crazy, but even though the summer months are long gone in chilly New England, I still drive down to the beach in winter. True, it’s not the same as going on a beautiful summer day – or any day of the year if you live in or travel to warmer beach locations. On a cold, crisp day though with the smell of wood smoke and snow in the air, the beach is a wintry oasis. Here are a few reasons why I love visiting the beach in winter.

  • During the winter months, you essentially have the beach to yourself. I’m able to go for a run without having to dodge large crowds. Or, I can have friendly conversation with other beachgoers, most likely locals, as they walk by bundled in their winter jackets. And the best part is – if it’s not too cold – many are accompanied by their dogs, often unleashed. Can it get any better than that?
  • In the off season when the tourists have subsided, you can also take unobstructed landscape photos along the beach. Growing up, this would be my family Christmas card – my siblings and I dressed for the holidays with the sand dunes in the background.
  • With the beach nearly empty, watching the sunrise and sunset is even more peaceful. Without the distractions of nearby chattering, music in the background, or the other sounds of summer – there’s a certain serene calmness in the winter.

Visiting the beach in winter allows you to experience your favorite beach in a whole new light. Without the crowds and traffic that come with summer, you’ll come to discover that the beach can be an all-season destination. Just wear something warmer than a bathing suit!

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